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Fire and Feast at The Field Kitchen

Fire and Feast: Spring / Event expired

Friday 21st April
From 7.30pm

£30 per person
Tickets available here.

Fire and Feast nights at The Field Kitchen showcase a theme, hero ingredient or one of their fantastic suppliers from which their chefs carefully create a delicious seasonal feast.

After arriving at 7.30pm for drinks in the courtyard, you will find your space at the table to tuck in to nibbles, with dinner being served from 8pm. Once the feast has finished, grab your drinks and head back outside to the courtyard to enjoy the atmosphere around our fire pits.

Our season of feasts begins on 21st April and showcases the best ingredients of Spring: Chargrilled Lamb; Wild Garlic; and Rhubarb.

NB: vegetarian option will be available. Please notify us at the time of booking.

Easter Egg Hunt at Glove Factory Studios

Adventurous Egg Hunt / Event expired

Monday 17th April
10am to 4pm

We’ve heard rumours that a mysterious bunny has been running around hiding clues to a puzzle in bushes, trees and around our fields! Can you help us find them all? If you are an expert hunter and find each and every one, there will be an Easter reward.

There will be stations around our lakes with plenty of games and other activities for children to enjoy.

Food and drink will be available throughout the day from The Field Kitchen.

Come to the kitchen to get your hunt card for £3.

Rooster Talks at Glove Factory Studios

Rooster Talks at Glove Factory Studios

We at Glove Factory Studios have decided that after several years as ‘Holt Business Network’, Spring is the right time to refresh our monthly networking mornings.

Introducing: Rooster Talks.

Set in Holt, in the Wiltshire countryside, our morning talks are there to kickstart your Friday mornings, once a month. Delivering topics from local business people which serve to help you and your business develop, Rooster Talks also gives you the opportunity to meet inspiring and like-minded individuals over coffee and croissants.

Rooster Talk with Peter Quintana at Glove Factory Studios

Rooster Talks: Putting purpose at the heart of strategy with Peter Quintana / Event expired

Friday 7th April
8am to 9am

Admission is FREE
info@glovefactorystudios.com or Eventbrite


Very few organisations know why they do what they do. Why is not about making money. That is a result. Why is the very reason the organisation exists. Why is its purpose. Richard Branson, co-founder of the B Team, describes their vision of the future as a world in which the purpose of business is to become a driving force for social, environmental and economic benefit. Frederic Laloux in his book Reinventing Organisation, views the next stage in the evolution of human consciousness, when applied to organisations, as an independent force with its own purpose, and not merely as a vehicle for achieving management’s objectives.

Putting purpose at the heart of strategy is a key element in the work Peter Quintana, of High Growth Knowledge Company, does with his clients. Purpose embedded in the DNA of a business sustains higher growth because it gives direction through rapid change and generates the momentum to drive through the growing pains and challenges experienced by high growth businesses.


Little Lightbulb stands Nine Feet Tall

Little Lightbulb Stands Nine Feet Tall

After successfully winning the Nine Feet Tall (NFT) site pitch against two other leading digital agencies, Little Lightbulb have successfully launched www.ninefeettall.com.

Built on the back of NFT’s fresh and vibrant brand, Little Lightbulb have brought light and energy to a complex and challenging industry website. Designed “mobile first”, NFT’s new website now works across all platforms – bringing NFT to a much wider audience. Specialising in User Experience, Little Lightbulb have ensured the site is easy to use, user friendly, and innovative.

Little Lightbulb hand-coded a NFT custom WordPress theme, creating something truly unique and providing a powerful platform from which to help achieve NFT’s marketing goals. Case Studies for many of the big names NFT have worked with are beautifully displayed on the site and their knowledge is front and centre via interesting thought pieces and downloadable resources.

“NFT has been the ideal client with a highly organised team that really helped us to deliver the very best. As a digital studio, we put in over 250 hours over six weeks to produce something that we can all be proud of.” Ryan Vaughan, Planning Director.

The team at Little Lightbulb, having just completed their second year of operation, are now aspiring to work with household brand names in the next 12 months and grow the digital agency effectively.

Full Case Study: https://www.littlelightbulb.co.uk/work/nine-feet-tall

I of D at Glove Factory Studios

Institute of Directors Bath & Wiltshire | Meet the Chairman / Event expired

The Field Kitchen
28th March
4pm to 8pm

Book tickets here


The Institute of Directors (IoD) has been supporting businesses and the people who run them since 1903.

As the UK’s longest-running organisation for professional leaders, they are dedicated to supporting their members, encouraging entrepreneurial activity and promoting responsible business practice for the benefit of the business community and society as a whole.

Join the IoD Bath & Wiltshire for a tour around Glove Factory Studios. Drinks and canapés will be available at The Field Kitchen and you will have an opportunity to network and meet the new Chairman Guy Tullberg.

MVRW and Mostly Media at Glove Factory Studios

MV | RW Get Creative with Mostly Media

MV | RW Creative are set to begin an exciting new project for fellow glovers Mostly Media, which will see them create a fresh, new online presence for the company’s recently updated brand.

The new website will offer more content pages, features and a modern interactive user experience for their clients.

Stay updated with MV | RW Creative on Twitter to see what they’re up to, including the launch of their new project on 27th March.

Content Coms at Glove Factory Studios

Bring Back the Brochure: A Marketer’s Manifesto

B2B communications consultancy Content Coms and its partner company, Mike Garlick Design, are calling for businesses to re-think their approach to customer engagement by making a pledge to their Bring Back The Brochure Manifesto.

With consumer appetite for digital media apparently u-turning, a 21st century reimagining of the humble brochure could well give ambitious businesses an edge.
However, the drab and dreary brochures that are the ‘norm’ for so many SMEs are unlikely to hit the mark.

Dare to be different
Think of a brochure and the chances are a picture of a mundane, corporate sales tool comes to mind. But, best 21st century brochures dare to be different. They provoke readers with abrupt, surprising headlines. They include out-of-the-ordinary visuals. They draw people in through engaging storytelling and powerful creative.

1. A brochure doesn’t need to look like a brochure.
Or, at least, it shouldn’t look like the brochures we’re used to seeing. By daring to be different, a brochure commands its target’s attention.

2. A brochure should be unique.
Present your brand’s story in an innovative way. (Our own ‘Little Book’ series of micro-brochures are perfect examples of a format that delights, informs and engages.)

3. A brochure should aim for longevity.
Brochures shouldn’t be a short-term fix. Use great messaging and strong visuals to tell a story that lasts.

4. A brochure should show your personality.
Templated emails often strip brand personalities away. A brochure is a chance to show your human side.

5. A brochure should be memorable.
The sheer volume of e-communications that are fired out ensures each new e-message is but fleeting. A brochure should be notable – or even extraordinary.

Make 2017 the year your brochure collateral bounces-back, give us a call.
0203 176 5442 or visit www.contentcoms.co.uk


Friday 3rd March
8am to 9am

Admission is FREE
info@glovefactorystudios.com or Eventbrite


Do you find yourself having to pedal faster and faster just to stand still, or are overwhelmed by the burgeoning demands in your growing business?

Paul Wielgus is a qualified and experienced coach and facilitator. He works across a range of local and international projects, all unified by his passion for the transformative power of Mindfulness.

With over 22 years of meditation practice, and as a senior consultant and trainer with Potential Project (the global leader in corporate based mindfulness training), Paul is acutely aware that the current ‘fad’ for mindfulness can sometimes produce a yawn and possibly a copy of the ‘Ladybird book of Mindfulness’ for your birthday or Christmas present! However, the type of Attention Training he brings to both global and small growing businesses is very different, practical and highly effective.

It’s not just about stress reduction, resilience, and well being but also about team and culture building, productivity and operational effectiveness.

Paul’s brand of Attention Training gets to the heart of our modern personal and collective problem, which is the distraction epidemic we are all feeling during these turbulent times, and he will demonstrate how simple and practical Attention Training techniques can transform you and your business.