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Natalie Sherman of Naturally Social

Rooster Talks: Social Media Strategy for Success with Natalie Sherman

Friday 6th September 2019
8am to 9am

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Are you one of the many businesses using social media without really knowing what success looks like? Are you frustrated and fed up with the apparent lack of results or engagement?

Perhaps you’ve concluded that it doesn’t or won’t work for you. Natalie Sherman is here to show you it can!

During September’s rooster talk, Natalie will explore the five key steps to creating a successful social media strategy. Why bother with a strategy? Because “without strategy, content is just stuff, and the world has enough stuff”.

Naturally Social is an award-winning social-first communications agency based in Wiltshire working with businesses, organisations and individuals who put purpose before profit.

Join us for September’s Rooster Talk. Free admission with coffee and croissants from The Field Kitchen.

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Embrace The Machine with Tiny Giant


Friday 7th June 2019
8am to 9am

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Artificial Intelligence. Do you revel in its advanced, algorithmically-powered
brilliance? Or do you have sleepless nights fretting that it will soon steal your job?

What are the implications for advertising and marketing? Everything suggests that
computational creative is a game-changer.

So the big question is: how can you harness it to YOUR advantage?

Join Tiny Giant Co-Founders Kerry and Norts for Embrace The Machine, a super-charged Rooster Talk, where you’ll discover all that’s hot and happening in the world of creative AI, voice and online bots.

Free admission with coffee and croissants from The Field Kitchen.

Rooster Talks: Building A Brand – with Robin Worrall

Friday 3rd May 2019
8am to 9am

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Brands are everywhere in our daily landscape at both work and play. However, only a select few of the brands attempting to reach us will gain our trust, loyalty and cash. And only a tiny percentage of those will cut through the noise to survive and thrive across the decades.

So what is it that separates the brand legends from the rest of the pack? Vision. Selling a great product is just the starting point. These brands work relentlessly to nurture an authentic brand persona, loaded with the ethos, identity and values to appeal to their target market. Buy the brand – be the brand.

Of course, we can’t all be the next Nike, Uber or Airbnb. But these brands have set the standard, and we can learn from their example. In February’s Rooster Talk, Robin will explore brand lifecycle and discuss best practice for creating and telling an authentic brand story.

Whether you’re starting a new business or are already established and looking for ways to reposition, come along for inspiration and sound advice.

Robin Worrall is an experienced creative director, who founded his brand and design consultancy Rednine based at Glove Factory Studios. With over 25 years imagining, inventing and inspiring design solutions for a wide range of international clients and campaigns.

Join us for February’s Rooster Talk. Free admission with coffee and croissants from The Field Kitchen.

Find out more about Robin Worrall on his website and follow him on Twitter.

Rooster Talks: How to be a business athlete – with Anna-Marie Watson

Friday 5th April 2019
8am to 9am

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Health, fitness and wellbeing are a huge part of our lives, so the way we think and act on these topics sets a precedent for a lot of other areas of life, work, relationships and beyond.

During this session, Anna-Marie will work with you to adopt a more athletic mindset to supercharge your physical, mental and emotional approach to work and beyond. You’ll discover the secret of how to embrace an athletic mindset and achieve peak performance.

Join Anna-Marie to be inspired and release your inner Chrissie Wellington, Jonathan Brownlee or Serena Williams. Whether you’re more comfortable watching sport or hitting up the gym, we’re all business athletes at heart determined to succeed in our chosen professions.

It’s all about mind over matter.

Anna-Marie connects her work as a performance coach and elite ultra-runner through her underpinning “Mind Over Matter” philosophy. She founded her coaching business Reach for More partnering with clients to achieve healthy and sustainable performance at work and beyond. She has over 18 years’ experience, initially serving in the British Army; then supporting organisations across five continents to develop their most valuable asset; their people.

*Optional Extra (approximately 1 hour): Continue your conversations and step outdoors for a mini netwalk AKA walk, talk and network! We’ll head towards nearby Great Chalfield Manor through the fields before returning to Glove Factory. It’s the perfect opportunity to share your thoughts, build deeper connections and draw inspiration from nature one step at a time with the bonus of some gentle exercise.

If you’re joining Anna-Marie for a walk, please wear appropriate footwear and clothing – it might rain!

Free admission with coffee and croissants from The Field Kitchen


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Rooster Talks: PR for Profile, Engagement & Revenue with Paul MacKenzie-Cummins

Friday 1st March 2019
8am to 9am

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PR is all about press releases and getting journalists sozzled, right?

Roll back the clock to 10 years ago, and it is safe to say that the preferred media of choice for people was either the TV and/or newspapers. Fast-forward to today, and such formats have become largely redundant thanks to rapid advances in technology.

Your customers have more choice than ever before over how they want to find and receive information. Their decisions are increasingly influenced by what they see and hear in the media, and what others share with them. So, how can businesses get a better understanding of the best way to invest their PR resources and ensure the maximum return on that investment?

Paul MacKenzie-Cummins will lift the lid on how businesses can raise their profile, engage with their audiences, and ultimately drive revenues, without it costing the earth to do so. He will share real-life examples of how businesses of all sizes and sectors have successfully navigated their way around the digital landscape, and the impact this has had on their bottom line profits.

PR is only expensive if it isn’t done right. This session is an insight into how to get the most from your PR efforts. It will provide a number of key takeaways that can be instantly applied to your business.

Traditional media still has a place on modern outreach programmes, but the exponential growth in new media channels does present an even greater number of opportunities for businesses to differentiate themselves.

Paul MacKenzie-Cummins started his media career in the mid-1990s and spent a number of years working for some of the biggest publishers in the UK, including Mirror Group Newspapers.

Following 11 years in advertising sales, he transitioned into PR in 2005 and in 2014 he founded Clearly PR. The company has since grown to a team of 10 people based formerly in Glove Factory Studios and now in Bradford on Avon.

Free admission with coffee and croissants from The Field Kitchen

Rooster Talks: Selling the ‘Write’ Thing – Effective Sales Proposal Writing with Simon Hares

Friday 11th January
8am to 9am

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Simon Hares joins us once again to kick-start Rooster Talks 2019, this time he’ll be shining the spotlight on selling the ‘write’ way to create great sales proposals.

This session will be invaluable if you are looking to develop your sales skills. Simon will be exploring ways to represent yourself in writing clearly and authentically so that your sales proposals offer the best possible opportunity for conversion.

Join Simon to discuss why we use sales proposals and to discover why they often don’t work. He’ll also be sharing actionable advice and takeaways including:

  • The Simon Sinek approach: Start with Why
  • A handy structure to help you create written magic.
  • Rules for sending the proposal via email
  • Following up and being persistent

This promises to be a dynamic and engaging session with the always energetic Simon Hares.

Book your place for January’s Rooster Talk. Free admission with coffee and croissants from The Field Kitchen.

Rooster Talks: Your Flipping Attitude with Simon Tyler

Friday 7th December
8am to 9am

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The inimitable Simon Tyler is back for December’s Rooster Talks to talk attitude – your flipping attitude!

His latest title, The Attitude Book, launched at Glove Factory in September. And for the time being, it would seem that’s all he talks about.

Your way of thinking at any given moment pre-determines how you experience everything that’s going on. And your attitude range is the comfort zone through which you travel from your best days through to your most challenging.

During this session, Simon will work with you on this range – you at your best and you at your worst. You’ll discover how to unpick the layers that comprise your unique viewpoint. Simon will show you new ways to develop your individual capability and achieve incredible things with just the power of attitude.

Simon Tyler is an inspiring and entertaining speaker and coach. He works with individuals, teams and companies to positively change and boost attitudes, and enhance the impact they have. His entertaining, pragmatic and stimulating words, rooted in simplicity, and his ability to connect with everyone he meets, means he is trusted by many organisations to influence positive change.

Join us for December’s Rooster Talks. Free admission with coffee and croissants from The Field Kitchen.

Rooster Talks: Why it Pays to Put Workplace Wellbeing on the Agenda – with Joanna Watchman

Friday 2nd November
8am to 9am

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Did you know we spend 90% of our time indoors? Shocking isn’t it? Especially when you consider how much of that time is spent at work.

You might also be surprised to learn that one in six workers believe their workplace has a negative impact on their health and wellbeing. It’s time for employers to sharpen their act. And, it’s time for employees to demand more.

Joanna Watchman, Founder of Work in Mind, believes that the environment in which you work, exist and learn should be a space in which health, wellbeing and productivity can co-exist with sustainability and efficiency. She will shine a light on the global trend towards workplace wellbeing and explain why we can’t afford to ignore it.

This session will be invaluable whether you’re a business owner, manager, employee or influencer. Joanna will share the latest industry research, facts and stats – all of which will be accompanied by fascinating examples of best practice and stories from some of Britain’s biggest real-estate and architecture firms.

Book your place for November’s Rooster Talk. Free admission with coffee and croissants from The Field Kitchen.

Rooster Talks: the power of personal branding – with Jess Jeary

Friday 7th September
8am to 9am

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When you think ‘branding’ you probably think of company brands, but each of us has a personal brand (whether we like it or not!). Most people haven’t consciously created them; nonetheless, they exist.

In this interactive session, Jess Jeary will be offering strategic insights into why personal brand matters and how you can improve, reshape and strengthen it.

The session is particularly useful for business owners and professionals who want to raise their visibility and credibility.

Jess will help you identify your purpose and values, and explore how you can share your story to achieve greater personal success.

Jess Jeary is Founder of Bowline, a communications and engagement agency based at Glove Factory Studios.

Join us for September’s Rooster Talk. Free admission with coffee and croissants from The Field Kitchen.

Rooster Talks: Building a high-growth business with new products/services – with David Riddell

Friday 6th July
8am to 9am

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Why do something new? Markets don’t stand still and neither should your business, which is why turning an idea into a commercial success is crucial.

Launching a new product or service, streamlining a process, or looking for opportunities to grow is challenging. So how do you achieve this?

Innovation isn’t just white coats and laboratories. Innovation is everywhere, from offering a new product to streamlining your services.

Whether you need the valuable know-how to propel your company to the next stage, or you’re in need of capital to continue developing products, or you feel stuck in your processes, you can find a solution.

Innovate2succeed can coach you and your business so you continue your natural growing process – or accelerate it. We have designed a programme to stimulate growth through innovation, reduce risk and improve productivity – you will be ready, efficient and competitive!

David Riddell will talk through the characteristics of high-growth businesses and look at how the development of new products or services (innovation!) can play a part. He’ll highlight some of the challenges businesses can face and give you a chance to learn some of the tricks you can use to build your business model.

Join us for July’s Rooster Talk. Free admission with coffee and croissants from The Field Kitchen.