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Brought to you by Nick Kirkham, one of the co-founders of Great Western Studios and Westbourne Studios in West London; and Alix Paver, ex Creative Director at The Partners design agency, and at Identica - now part of Cossette. Glove Factory Studios are interested in converting, building and managing new studio complexes where good design is key but the focus is on encouraging an internal community and business support through putting together the right mix of people, energies and services.

Restore & improve

The original character and features of the Glove Factory have been brought to life in the refurbishment so that the impression to you and your customers is one that’s positive and interested. This applies to the building and the grounds, so that the best impression is made as soon as you walk in.

Business support

Our studio, office and workshop spaces are available on a simple, hassle-free basis. Supportive management, access to business support services, fastest available broadband, AVAYA telephone handset and networked colour printer and photocopier, are available. Simple, yet supportive and efficient, making sure we provide an inspiring work place with facilities that work for you.

Make friends & influence people

We'd like the Glove Factory to be a hive of activity where businesses are different enough yet compatible, so that they don't directly compete with one another but rather compliment each other and possibly pass work between them. The Glove Factory aims to encourage a network of small businesses and build a community where people really do enjoy being at work.

Getting to know your way around

On the edge of a historic spa town, neighbouring Bradford on Avon, Bath and Melksham, the Glove Factory is close to main line links to London, Bristol, the South West and North.

Good sustainable design

Where the building allows, we've done and are doing what we can to save energy and help combat Climate Change. Bike racks are there so that you can take advantage of being able to cycle to work and we put in a good shower should you need one on arrival. We rain water harvest, waste recycle, and are growing a vegetable patch in the garden.