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Julian Berriman Osteopathy

Julian Berriman Osteopathy

Julian Berriman is a highly experienced Registered Osteopath specialising in providing high-quality structural osteopathic treatment. Julian provides a convenient and welcoming clinic targeted at treating a range of muscular and joint-related conditions.

Structural osteopathy is the better known and most common form of osteopathy and describes the diagnosis and treatment of dysfunctions in the muscular and skeletal systems. It is based on the principle that structure and function are related, that is, that if the structure of the body is not balanced then its function will be adversely affected creating faulty movement and, if not addressed, pain.

It is a central principle of osteopathy that the body functions as a unit. As a structural osteopath Julian will therefore, try and find the true source of the pain which will not always be the site of that pain. For example, a lack of movement in the hip may be the cause of low back pain or poor posture with slumped shoulders may cause neck pain. Julian will therefore, conduct a comprehensive assessment to identify the underlying cause of symptoms and then treat those causes in order to provide a lasting resolution of symptoms.

Julian uses proven hands on techniques to relax and stretch tight muscles and, mobilise restricted joints in order to support the development of a more flexible and healthy body. He provides sympathetic and effective treatment for a wide range of problems including back pain, neck pain, joint problems, sciatica and trapped nerves, postural strain and headaches.Treatment is suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

07725 240524 / 01225 762075


We create beautiful, high quality and emotive gifts designed to help people reflect and feel closer to those who matter to them. These are gifts that feel good to give and even better to receive.

In this hectic world, our products make it easy for families and friends to capture and share precious stories and memories, as well as create special moments together, not leaving things unsaid or letting them go undiscovered.

Our gifts are for that special occasion and beyond, as they will be treasured for many years to come. Many can be personalised to create something unique and individual.



T: 01225 866226

Second Mountain Comms

Second Mountain is an award-winning independent communications consultancy, specialising in providing purpose-driven companies and charities with meaningful content, PR and marketing support.

The business was established in 2020 by seasoned comms professional Ben Veal Chart.PR MCIPR with one clear mission: to help good people do good, by sharing their stories with the audiences that matter most to them.

Since launching, Second Mountain has supported a growing number of local, national and international clients, has been a two-time finalist in the Bath Life and Creative Bath Awards, has received the ‘Mark of Excellence’ at the national 2022 CIPR Excellence Awards, won Gold at the 2021 South of England CIPR PRide Awards and was also a finalist in the 2022 Small Awards.

As a boutique comms consultancy driven by social purpose, Second Mountain’s business ethos revolves around reliability, honesty and transparency, and these principles drive all activity.

Working alongside trusted creative partners, clients receive access to a full, integrated service: everything from PR and creative copywriting through to media training, brand consultancy and videography.

Acting as trusted, professional and ethical storytellers and amplifiers, we’ll help you reach the right people in the right way at the right time.



The Table Creative

The Table Creative

The Table Creative is a visual communications studio that specialises in CGI (computer-generated imagery).

Our highly skilled and experienced CGI artists, interior designers and supporting team work collaboratively with clients to create photo-realistic imagery and animations for both the built environment and product sectors.

With dedicated departments serving both sectors’ unique demands, our Provizion (product) and Envizion (built environment) teams are best placed to meet any project’s vizualisation needs.
T: +44 1225 967555

Son of Jesse

Son of Jesse

Son of Jesse designs and builds stunning websites that position your brand perfectly to enable you to punch above your weight, reach and win new customers and – crucially – grow your reputation and business.
T: 01225 637036

Crescent Mortgages

Crescent Mortgages

Crescent Mortgages is a fee-free, UK based mortgage brokerage, established by Daniel Pitman and Kye Collier during the pandemic, after 17 years combined experience working at the biggest broker in the UK.

Specialising in residential and buy-to-let mortgages, as well as life & illness insurance, their ethos is exceptional customer service combined with clear and honest advice to help remove the stress that comes with mortgaging a property. Crescent Mortgages is not tied to any specific lenders.

With access to a huge range of mortgage schemes, including those from high street banks and building societies, as well as smaller lenders specialising in more complex mortgage lending, the Crescent team are confident that they can find you the best scheme for your needs. Unlike most mortgage brokers, their service is completely free. No broker fees!

Whether you’re ready to start your mortgage journey, or if you just have a couple of questions, Crescent Mortgages are ready to help.
01225 690120