Evening Rooster Talk: Daniel Start from Wild Things Publishing on living the dream

Thursday 6th October
18:30 – 19:30pm

Admission is free
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One hot summer, not too dissimilar to this year’s, with a hankering to take a river dip nearby, Daniel Start realised there wasn’t much useful information available about wild places to swim in the UK. He quickly packed-in his London day-job to live the dream of spending summers walking and swimming in lakes and rivers; and winters with dog in lap, writing-up and producing beautiful books.

The result: Wild Things Publishing books are inspiring products that get people out, experiencing and enjoying nature, and our wonderful (often local) world.

Thankfully, people are realising they work too many hours, that phones and computers dominate their lifestyle even after a work day is done, and that there are ways to find relaxation, health benefits and community connections through wild swimming.

Join us in the Club Room at Glove Factory Studios for a special evening event with wild swimming enthusiast, Daniel Start, sharing his journey from London city-boy to countryside journalist and book publisher.

Wild Herb at The Field Kitchen will provide a welcome drink and snacks before the talk and will remain open for you to enjoy a light supper beside the fire pits overlooking the lakes after the event.

Glove Dippers are welcome to swim before sunset.

Rooster Talk entry is FREE however booking is recommended via Eventbrite