Swimming Lake at Glove Factory Studos

Glove Dippers wild swimming season begins

Glove Dippers wild swimming season 2020/21 begins on 1st June. Come and swim in a private 100m lake with sheep chattering in the nearby fields and stunning Wiltshire sunsets.

You’ll join a thriving, friendly community of open water swimmers, from casual dippers to triathletes. All enjoy the gentle waters, peaceful surrounds and the pure joy of swimming under a vast blue (occasionally grey) sky. Some of them even enjoy cracking the winter ice – it takes all sorts!

Why not swim outdoors every day for less than you’d pay for a single session in a swimming pool? Membership fees this year:

  • Full season membership (Jun 20 – Mar 21 incl): £55
    includes 12 guest swims
  • Summer Membership (Jun – Oct 20 incl): £30
    includes five guest swims
  • Winter Membership (Nov – Mar 21 incl): £30
    includes five guest swims

Located in the fields alongside Glove Factory Studios, the lake water is tested regularly and is consistently rated ‘excellent’.

To join this wild and wonderful private swimming club, head over to the membership and payment page.

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