HBN BREAKFAST: Managing the monkey with Jo Emerson / Event expired

Friday 8th January

Admission: free
8am to 9am
Please RSVP

We all have a negative, sometimes critical voice in our heads (or monkey on our backs), which, if believed, causes us to doubt ourselves and live beneath our potential.  Even the most accomplished people on the planet have this critical voice but they’ve learned to manage it, which accounts for their success and contentment in life.

If you’ve ever lacked confidence, experienced anxiety or struggled to achieve what you wanted to then this interactive, fun workshop will firstly help you to understand why, before giving you the tools you need to break free into new ways of thinking and living.

Leading UK Confidence Coach, Jo Emerson, brings her powerful and proven mind management system to Glove Factory Studios to help you challenge your negativity and let go of unnecessary worry.  Everything starts with a thought so if you can learn to better manage your thoughts your life will automatically improve!

You will have an opportunity to join the interactive Q&A, putting your questions direct to Jo and of course there will be a delicious breakfast as usual provided by The Field Kitchen.

To book a place please RSVP to info@glovefactorystudios.com