Julian Berriman Osteopathy

Julian Berriman Osteopathy

Julian Berriman is a highly experienced Registered Osteopath specialising in providing high-quality structural osteopathic treatment. Julian provides a convenient and welcoming clinic targeted at treating a range of muscular and joint-related conditions.

Structural osteopathy is the better known and most common form of osteopathy and describes the diagnosis and treatment of dysfunctions in the muscular and skeletal systems. It is based on the principle that structure and function are related, that is, that if the structure of the body is not balanced then its function will be adversely affected creating faulty movement and, if not addressed, pain.

It is a central principle of osteopathy that the body functions as a unit. As a structural osteopath Julian will therefore, try and find the true source of the pain which will not always be the site of that pain. For example, a lack of movement in the hip may be the cause of low back pain or poor posture with slumped shoulders may cause neck pain. Julian will therefore, conduct a comprehensive assessment to identify the underlying cause of symptoms and then treat those causes in order to provide a lasting resolution of symptoms.

Julian uses proven hands on techniques to relax and stretch tight muscles and, mobilise restricted joints in order to support the development of a more flexible and healthy body. He provides sympathetic and effective treatment for a wide range of problems including back pain, neck pain, joint problems, sciatica and trapped nerves, postural strain and headaches.Treatment is suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

07725 240524 / 01225 762075 


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