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Bring Back the Brochure: A Marketer’s Manifesto

B2B communications consultancy Content Coms and its partner company, Mike Garlick Design, are calling for businesses to re-think their approach to customer engagement by making a pledge to their Bring Back The Brochure Manifesto.

With consumer appetite for digital media apparently u-turning, a 21st century reimagining of the humble brochure could well give ambitious businesses an edge.
However, the drab and dreary brochures that are the ‘norm’ for so many SMEs are unlikely to hit the mark.

Dare to be different
Think of a brochure and the chances are a picture of a mundane, corporate sales tool comes to mind. But, best 21st century brochures dare to be different. They provoke readers with abrupt, surprising headlines. They include out-of-the-ordinary visuals. They draw people in through engaging storytelling and powerful creative.

1. A brochure doesn’t need to look like a brochure.
Or, at least, it shouldn’t look like the brochures we’re used to seeing. By daring to be different, a brochure commands its target’s attention.

2. A brochure should be unique.
Present your brand’s story in an innovative way. (Our own ‘Little Book’ series of micro-brochures are perfect examples of a format that delights, informs and engages.)

3. A brochure should aim for longevity.
Brochures shouldn’t be a short-term fix. Use great messaging and strong visuals to tell a story that lasts.

4. A brochure should show your personality.
Templated emails often strip brand personalities away. A brochure is a chance to show your human side.

5. A brochure should be memorable.
The sheer volume of e-communications that are fired out ensures each new e-message is but fleeting. A brochure should be notable – or even extraordinary.

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