Q&A with new members Northbank.

We ask new Glove Factory members Northbank to share the who, what and where! 

Tell us about Northbank in a nutshell?

Multi-disciplinary branding and design consultancy. Northern at heart, southwestern by choice. Unpretentious, experienced, dedicated, approachable, questioning, thoughtful, opinionated. Attention to the finest details. Football, running, cycling. City and countryside.

You do a lot of branding work – what are your top tips for brand development?

Don’t skimp on the research, ask the right questions, involve the client in the process, craft a story that’s compelling and true, be confident, consistent and creative.

What has inspired you recently? Any exhibitions, music, books or places you’d like to shout about?

  • Places: New Art Centre, Roche Court. Coal Drops Yard, King’s Cross
  • Exhibitions: Anni Albers at Tate Modern. George Shaw at The Holburne Museum, Bath
  • Books: Currently reading Another Planet by Tracey Thorn and Erebus by Michael Palin.
  • Music: When we’re not listening to Woman’s Hour on R4 the dial is generally set to 6Music until Steve Lamacq drives us to a mix of football-related podcasts and Spotify playlists.

You’ve been in business for 20 years, looking back what advice would you give to the newly-formed Northbank?

Tunnock’s Teacakes aren’t the answer. Trust your instincts. Work with people you admire in sectors that interest you. No free pitching. Believe in yourself and never undervalue your work. Stay curious, keep looking, listening and learning. Be brave and walk away from time-wasters.

What are you enjoying most about your new studio at Glove Factory Studios?

Swans outside our window. Daily 8am pond swim with the Glove Dippers (joke). Cycling commute. Sunsets. 25% discount at the Field Kitchen. The buzz. Clean air. Dog walking in the surrounding fields. Welcoming clients and friends here. Space to think.

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