Rooster talks: What Might a Great Leader Look Like? with Sammy Burt

Friday 14th April

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“It may sound obvious but you don’t need to be a CEO to be a leader. We are all leaders.

Leaders are all around us and are constantly changing with our situation and environments. Yes you may well be a business leader exploring growth while wanting to maintain what’s great about being small. Or you are someone who doesn’t see themselves as a leader at all yet is often leading a project, a process or a conversation. You may be a leader on a pitch or a court, probably one of multiple in the home, and with friends. You may one day be the first on the scene to an accident or in receiving great news from someone – how you choose to be in that moment will influence others, you will lead.”

We all have leadership moments. Life moments. Moments when we make choices and perhaps use our persuasion to influence or guide others’ choices.

In this Rooster Talk, Sammy Burt will get us reflecting on ourselves and our role as leaders. Looking to great leaders for inspiration while considering what we love about our own qualities, and where there might be areas for development. Considering ways to raise our consciousness about ourselves and those around us, and how to manage our state in order that we better notice our emotions and the choices we face in them.

Sammy’s talk will take us on a short journey of discovery; distil and make sense of our findings, and round off with an opportunity to personally (and privately) consider how we may want to develop – and how we might begin to go about it.

Sammy brings vast experience in this area, both her own and those of her colleagues at Farleigh Performance. Farleigh Performance work with individuals and organisations to raise their consciousness, and live a working life of mutual learning. Sometimes framed as organisational development or leadership development, other times it looks like cultural change; often it involves purpose and direction. However it’s framed, it always involves helping people to be more curious about themselves and those they see around them, however far their gaze travels.

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