Rooster Talks: with Matt Wicks from Virtual Forge

Friday 6th September

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Join us in the Club Room with Matt Wicks, co-CEO of Virtual Forge, sharing his views on the future of AI & how we might make best use of it.

AI: The Future Is What You Make It with Matt Wicks from Virtual Forge.

Without a doubt everyone is talking in either nervous or excited tones about AI and what it can mean to them and their children.

The truth is no one can know but by unpicking three experiences Matt Wicks and the team at Virtual Forge have had with AI projects, they will show examples of how it’s being used in business and the creative industries and share some of the questions they get asked most often, (and some of the answers too).

Join us in the Club Room with Matt Wicks, co-CEO of Virtual Forge who will share his experiences and thoughts on the future of AI and how we might make best use of it.

The story of any product development is the story of data, of understanding what you want to achieve, and what you need to know to achieve it. Building those pipelines, grappling with that data and answering those questions is why Matt loves what he does, and has done for over 30 years.

Matt has worked with companies as diverse as the BBC, NHS, Jaguar Land Rover and Adobe, as well as small product teams, and they all have two things in common – the need for insight from data, and the need to build, often faster and faster.

Make your way to the Club Room where there will be a selection of breakfast pastries and health pots with teas and coffees prepared by Wild Herb at The Field Kitchen. Introduce yourself to fellow guests before taking a seat to enjoy Matt’s presentation.

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