Boson Web join Glove Factory Studios

Say hello to new members Boson Web

We are delighted to welcome Boson Web to the Glove Factory creative business community.

But what do they do? Who are they? Let’s ask them a few questions to out more …


Tell us about Boson Web?

We’re an award-winning web agency specialising in WordPress websites. For over 15 years, we’ve helped our clients to stand out online with engaging web design, bullet-proof web development and responsive support.


Give us your top 5 quick tips for clients working with a web agency?

  1. Describe what outcome you’re looking for. Set the goals and the anticipated Return on Investment (ROI).
  2. Consider who your audience is, what they want and how you meet their needs. Share that information with your agency.
  3. Explain what you think you need but don’t be too prescriptive. Leave room for your agency to offer ideas and solutions to achieve your goals.
  4. Set a budget and share it with your agency/developer. That doesn’t mean you have to spend it all, it simply helps them to propose the most appropriate solution.
  5. Think about what ongoing support you’ll need and talk to your agency about how they can help ongoing.
  6. Plan your website launch and consider how you’ll drive traffic to your website.


Who’s in the team and what item would each take to a desert island?

Rich – An iPod loaded with an Audible subscription – or a kettlebell
Steve – Speedos
Fiona – My golden retriever Casper – a woman’s best friend and would make a great pillow 😉
Will – England shirt
Daisy – A king-size bed
Tom – An inflatable raft with oars
Ash – (still thinking…)


Three adjectives that describe Boson Web?

Precise. Loyal. Continual.


What are you enjoying most about your new home at Glove Factory Studios?

The view! Our offices overlook the lake. And the atmosphere – there are lots of other creative businesses here.



Head over to Boson Web to find out more.