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Rooster Talks at Glove Factory Studios

Rooster Talks at Glove Factory Studios

We at Glove Factory Studios have decided that after several years as ‘Holt Business Network’, Spring is the right time to refresh our monthly networking mornings.

Introducing: Rooster Talks.

Set in Holt, in the Wiltshire countryside, our morning talks are there to kickstart your Friday mornings, once a month. Delivering topics from local business people which serve to help you and your business develop, Rooster Talks also gives you the opportunity to meet inspiring and like-minded individuals over coffee and croissants.


Friday 2nd December
8am to 9am

Admission is FREE
info@glovefactorystudios.com or Eventbrite

Simon Tyler asserts time and time again, that life really doesn’t need to be as complex as we make it. Although each of his clients is unique, he repeatedly sees them driving themselves into corners where focus is lost, decision-making suffers, and performance deteriorates leading to total loss of confidence. His honest, pragmatic, entertaining and thought-stirring inspirational work cuts through such complexity and frustration.

Simplicity is central to Simon’s work and what we can do to uncomplicate our life and work. Simon will talk about what we can do to notice and shift our attitudes in everyday situations to simplify and enhance our impact and success.

Simon has delivered over 4,000 hours of one-to-one coaching and mentoring to more than 750 business leaders globally and has positively influenced thousands more through almost 1,000 live events. He is the accredited author of The Simple Way, The Impact Code and, soon to be published, The Attitude Book.