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Glove Dippers Wild Swimming at Glove Factory Studios

Wild swimming in Wiltshire with Glove Dippers Club

Are you the adventurous type? Then come on over and join Glove Dippers, our open-water swimming club! The 2019/20 season is live and dipping.

The lake boasts a 100m length, and we guarantee it’s a gorgeous spot to swim while you listen to sheep chatting in the nearby fields. The water quality is regularly tested and rated as excellent.

Facilities include access to toilets and showers during Glove Factory Studios’ opening hours (9am – 6pm) and free onsite parking.

Oh, and there’s always hot chocolate in The Field Kitchen to warm you up afterwards. The cafe is open daily serving food until 3 pm, and Glove Dippers receive a 10% discount.

Head over to smarturl.it/glovedippers to find out more and join.

Outdoor Swimmer and Wild Wiltshire Swim at Glove Factory Studios

Outdoor Swimmer Magazine features festive Glove Dippers!

February’s edition of Outdoor Swimmer magazine includes a lovely feature about Glove Dippers Club and group members Wiltshire Wild Swim.  

On Christmas Eve, an enthusiastic bunch of swimmers arrived at Glove Factory primed for a swim. They were joined by Ella Foote, Outdoor Swimmer magazine’s contributing editor. She had been invited by Wild Wiltshire Swim founders Kirsty Field and Sarah Webb, in support of Ella’s annual swim project, ‘Dip A Day December’.

As you can see, everyone embraced the festive spirit!!

Take a look at Glove Dippers  to join the wild swimming club here at Glove Factory Studios, and head over to Wild Wiltshire Swim to find out more about the group.

You can follow Ella Foote’s swimming adventures on Instagram @ellachloeswims. And don’t forget to check out Outdoor Swimmer.


Outdoor Swimmer Article featuring Glove Dippers

Outdoor Swimmer Article features Wild Wiltshire Swim and Glove Dippers







Sharron Davies at Glove Factory Studios

Sharron Davies takes a spin around our track

Elite swimmer & TV presenter Sharron Davies was recently interviewed and filmed by The Sunday Times for their driving supplement, in conjunction with a video advertisement for Kia cars. The commercial was filmed on site at Glove Factory Studios and featured our lake and The Field Kitchen.

You can watch the video here & read the article below.


The elite swimmer and TV presenter takes a spin in the All-New Kia Niro and tells us why her car needs to be as versatile as her lifestyle

I love what I do and I’m so lucky to have a role presenting and interviewing that keeps me poolside. It’s the nicest compliment in the world when people ask me when my next competition is, because I haven’t swum competitively for years.
To be asked to cover the action from the Olympics in Rio was an incredible privilege. It was the 11th time I’d been to the Games, and that wealth of experience gave me the impetus to launch a new business, my own range of goggles. Having spent 20 years as an international swimmer and another 20 poolside, I thought I was ideally placed to come up with a product that does the job.

I always want my three kids to be involved in sport, not just for the physical benefits, but for the social life and the lessons it teaches about preparation, application and working hard to achieve something you really want. I have a busy home and it’s a permanent juggling act, making sure you have the right tools to do the job and the right people to support you.

The right car is imperative, too. It’s got to be 100% reliable so I’m never late to an event that’s been years in the planning. I need to be able to fit everybody and everything in – including my basset hound – and because I drive about 20,000 miles a year, I also need to feel comfortable and relaxed.

I like all the luxuries that come with the Kia Niro, including the heated seats and steering wheel, and another nice feature is that when you open the door, the seat moves back, making it easier to get in and out. The Bluetooth functionality allows me to make and receive hands-free calls while I’m driving.

Today I drove to Glove Factory Studios in Wiltshire, where a fantastic community of mums with children, dog walkers and young business people gather. A year ago they decided to put in a couple of lakes for outdoor recreational swimming, so it’s an ideal place to go to unwind from a busy lifestyle. Plus, the coffee is great!