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Evident Agency

Evident Agency

Evident is an independent digital product and innovation company, specialising in human-centred design, development and support of bespoke digital solutions.

The outcome and success of any product is guided by its users. They use design and strategy to connect customer experience with brands, products and services.

Evident invite their clients to join them in their design process, participate in iterative integration, and support long-term product development roadmaps. They believe in connecting customers with brands, improving experience and optimising conversion.

T: 01872 211252


Jooka at Glove Factory Studios

Jooka and the Money.co.uk Castle

A video produced by Glove Factory Studio members Jooka has featured on The Sun, The Daily Mail, The Mirror, Yahoo, MSN and other tabloid sites worldwide this week.

The video, which Jooka produced for money.co.uk, showcases the company’s 3 million pound new workspace which has been built into a castle in Cirencester.

Jooka director Matt Paish said, “The so-called ‘money castle’ really does speak for itself – it’s an amazing work space and it was really fun exploring it with our cameras. It wasn’t really a surprise that the story went viral online – it’s quite a unique place. Our favourite part was the Star Wars cinema”

The popular video was one of several that Jooka produced as part of a collaborative video project with money.co.uk and Bath-based company interaction, who delivered the design and build of the money.co.uk castle.

Check out the video here.

ojo Solutions at Glove Factory Studios

ojo at Charity Technology Conference 2016

ojo recently sponsored the Civil Society’s annual Charity Technology Conference, held in London last month. This unique event, designed for Charity IT & Digital leaders, showcased the best of innovation across the sector.

Having worked in the third sector for the last 15 years, Nathan gave a keynote speech surrounding the challenges he has faced in creating transformational change within the Disabilities Trust. As their Director of Technology, heading a programme to modernise and transform the business through the use of innovative IT solutions, Nathan’s talk had many practical tips for charities to achieve their objectives.

With ojo also exhibiting at the conference, some superb conversations were had by the team with many third sector digital leaders.


Friday 2nd December
8am to 9am

Admission is FREE
info@glovefactorystudios.com or Eventbrite

Simon Tyler asserts time and time again, that life really doesn’t need to be as complex as we make it. Although each of his clients is unique, he repeatedly sees them driving themselves into corners where focus is lost, decision-making suffers, and performance deteriorates leading to total loss of confidence. His honest, pragmatic, entertaining and thought-stirring inspirational work cuts through such complexity and frustration.

Simplicity is central to Simon’s work and what we can do to uncomplicate our life and work. Simon will talk about what we can do to notice and shift our attitudes in everyday situations to simplify and enhance our impact and success.

Simon has delivered over 4,000 hours of one-to-one coaching and mentoring to more than 750 business leaders globally and has positively influenced thousands more through almost 1,000 live events. He is the accredited author of The Simple Way, The Impact Code and, soon to be published, The Attitude Book.

Bowline Communications' work positions Themis Analytics at the Top of Their Game

Bowline’s Recent Work Positions Themis Analytics for Future Growth

Themis Analytics are a local tech company with a place on the world stage. They help pharmaceutical companies get greater value from their market data and work with ten of the top 25 pharmaceutical companies worldwide. With an ambition to communicate with greater impact, they had outgrown their identity and needed Bowline Communications to align their brand with their new business strategy.

Bowline created a new brand identity and narrative supported by a 12-month marketing plan. A new responsive website was developed – with a focus on simplifying Themis’ service offer, emphasising key customer benefits and using plain English. Bowline also produced a suite of branded materials including stationary, templates, sales presentations and event collateral to support the team with day-to-day communications requirements. In addition to the marketing plan, which covers social, online advertising, direct marketing and PR, Bowline assisted Themis with a key employee engagement project, centred on a re-launch of their brand values. The voice of the employee will continue to be an integral part to the re-brand of this organisation and how they engage with customers moving forward.

A Clear Vision for Bowline Communications

Bowline Communications‘ team has grown following the recent addition of Tim Jeary as Director. Tim brings with him a wealth of experience in Employee Engagement and Organisational Development, having worked in the industry for many years. Tim is acutely aware of the exceptional benefits an engaged team can bring to businesses and is passionate about working with teams at all levels to develop individuals and wider teams to the best they can be.

Bowline have refined their service offering and now offer a range of services to increase employee engagement in businesses, such as management development and performance coaching. They are delighted to be licensed practitioners & distributors for Insights Discovery – a highly effective and universally recognised personality preference tool for both individual and team development – and have seen first hand the immense value this can add to businesses.

This month has been very exciting for Bowline, following the launch of their new website which showcases recent work with Shell, BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions, McKinsey and Themis Analytics.



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