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Rooster Talks Sales Skills with Simon Hares at Glove Factory Studios

Rooster Talks: 20/20 Sales Presentation Skills with Simon Hares

Friday 10th January
8am to 9am

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Everyone in sales has to present at one time or another, whether it’s one on one, to a small group or to a larger gathering. Of course, the issue is that few people enjoy doing it!

For January’s Rooster Talk, Simon Hares will share a few simple steps to help you feel more assured, assertive and more authoritative as a presenter.

Even those people not in sales will gain something from this session. As usual, Simon will bring along some recommended reading material and engage you all with a fun and dynamic session.

Simon will be exploring key points for sales presentation skills including:

  • What are the four main aims of a presentation?
  • What are the key constituents that help to create a great presentation?
  • What type of structure can help make presenting a lot easier?
  • How to handle the audience and dealing with their questions?

This promises to be a dynamic and engaging session with the always inspiring Simon Hares.

Join us for January’s Rooster Talk. Free admission with coffee and croissants from The Field Kitchen.

Rooster Talks: Selling the ‘Write’ Thing – Effective Sales Proposal Writing with Simon Hares

Friday 11th January
8am to 9am

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Simon Hares joins us once again to kick-start Rooster Talks 2019, this time he’ll be shining the spotlight on selling the ‘write’ way to create great sales proposals.

This session will be invaluable if you are looking to develop your sales skills. Simon will be exploring ways to represent yourself in writing clearly and authentically so that your sales proposals offer the best possible opportunity for conversion.

Join Simon to discuss why we use sales proposals and to discover why they often don’t work. He’ll also be sharing actionable advice and takeaways including:

  • The Simon Sinek approach: Start with Why
  • A handy structure to help you create written magic.
  • Rules for sending the proposal via email
  • Following up and being persistent

This promises to be a dynamic and engaging session with the always energetic Simon Hares.

Book your place for January’s Rooster Talk. Free admission with coffee and croissants from The Field Kitchen.

Simon Hares at Glove Factory Studios

Rooster Talks: Working the Room with Simon Hares SOLD OUT / Event expired

Friday 2nd June
8am to 9am

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For anyone in business the process of networking is an essential tool that helps to generate leads, build trust and eventually translate into loyal customers generating that all-important revenue.

Many people find networking difficult, intimidating and something they would rather choose not to do. To help in overcoming some of the problems and misconceptions, Simon Hares has created a simple and confidence boosting session to help anyone actually start to enjoy networking.

During the session you will come away with skills in the following areas:
• Sizing up the room and what to look for in terms of entry points
• How to build confidence in small talk to help develop rapport
• Putting yourself across in 30 seconds via the elevator pitch
• Reading the non verbal signals that can help you to make an 
assessment of those you meet for the first time

Simon is an experienced Training Consultant and coach with over twenty years experience. For anyone that has heard Simon talk at Glove Factory Studios before, you can once again expect a lively and engaging session that will give you a boost of confidence and some really valuable and applicable skills that can be put to good use straight away.

Rooster Talks Sales Skills with Simon Hares at Glove Factory Studios


Friday 7th October
8am to 9am

Admission is FREE
RSVP info@glovefactorystudios.com

If we all had the same jobs, the same amount of time and the same schedule, then managing time would be a doddle! We don’t though and getting the most out of a day, a week or even an hour can seem like an impossible task.

This short session, will take a look at the average day and address how to manage the different types of task in order of priority without any form of emotion so that what needs to get done, gets down in the right way at the right time. The session will look at how to deal with interruptions and how to get the best from your email too. Be warned the suggestions made might mean you have to actually do something radical about the way you manage your time, but hey if we all get home a bit earlier or even down to the pub a bit quicker then it will all be worth it.

Simon is an experienced Training Consultant and Coach with over twenty years experience.

Rooster Talks Sales Skills with Simon Hares at Glove Factory Studios

Workshop: Twitter 101 with Simon Hares / Event expired

Friday 9th September
9.30am to 11.00am

£38.12 per person
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Simon Hares is back and this time he will be hosting a course where you can learn more about his top Twitter tips. Join Simon in The Engine Room to find out more about Twitter and how to use it. Don’t worry if you have trepidations or feel nervous about getting to grips with Twitter, this highly practical and interactive course is designed to demystify Twitter and will leave you more informed and confident about making the most of this agile piece of Social Media.

What You will Learn:

• Twit Twot Tweet | A glossary of the terminology of Twitter in plain English with a look at the key functionality

• Hashtags, BashTags, Avatar effect & @Symbols

• Understanding the point of Twitter and its benefits to individuals and business users

• Building Your Nest | Getting started the right way

• Feathering Your Nest | The best types of content and tweets to put out there and the best times to use Twitter

• Building Your Flock of Follows | How to find attract followers and build a substantial and relevant audience to tweet to

• Don’t Shoot Me! | The things you should avoid and be wary of on Twitter, (it’s not much but you should know)

• Talk to the Animals | How Twitter talks to other Social Media

• Fly Away Peter, Fly Away Paul | Actually doing it in real time