Rooster Talks Sales Skills with Simon Hares at Glove Factory Studios

HBN Breakfast: The Journey Away from Stress with Simon Hares / Event expired

Friday 5th Feb

Admission: free
8am to 9am
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The Journey Away from Stress using Mindfulness

We know that stress is out there, and like a toxin, it is poisoning our lives both personally and professionally, impacting on those around us. In order to get through it, a journey into understanding the dread, the anxiety and patterns we fall into to try and cope needs to be undertaken.

This journey takes the form of a practical  workshop and discussion and is suitable for two specific groups of people.  First, for those who are experiencing symptoms of stress and would like some help in keeping control.  Second, for those people who manage others in situations that could become pressurised and potentially stressful, an example may well be significant change in the workplace.
We look forward to seeing you and hope you find this valuable session useful.