Vespertine Talks: being contrary with sculptor Patricia Volk

Thursday 21st March

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Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Patricia Volk is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Sculptors, and an RWA academician, confirming her position as an outstanding visual artist working in painted fired clay; a term she much prefers to “ceramics”.

She is proud to be included in 50 Women Sculptors, the first book to give an overview of women sculptors from 1880 to today, which explores the work of “extraordinary women artists who have forged a name for themselves in a male arena, as well as breaking rules, pushing boundaries and inspiring us with their visionary creations”.

She was commissioned by ITV in 2019 as part of the prestigious ‘ITV Creates’ initiative, making her sculpture visible on screen to millions of television viewers.

In 2022, she had an important mid-career solo exhibition of over 40 pieces, “Cornucopia”, at the prestigious One Canada Square in London, and was included in a group exhibition of the Royal Society of Sculptors at Chichester Cathedral, entitled “Together We Rise”, which was inspired by the artists’ responses to lockdown.

“What excites me is the abstraction rather than trying to create a piece that represents or illustrates an idea. Really, working in clay is like play to me, and, being dyslexic, I have trouble expressing ideas in words, so I chose a medium where words aren’t necessary. Or, you could say, it chose me.”

In this illustrated talk, Patricia contrasts her success as a sculptor with growing up in the shadow of dyslexia, and of being called “contrary”. She will describe the ways in which she owns the negative things that held her back. A way of saying “Here I am now (in spite of that)”..

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