HBN Breakfast: One small step from sole trader to employer with Jo Kangurs & Caroline Carter from Keystone HR / Event expired

Friday 4th November
8am to 9am

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Expanding your business can be a daunting experience, particularly when it comes to taking on employees. Apart from the financial implications there is also the issue of having to jump through multiple hoops and comply with various legal requirements associated with becoming an employer. In an age where employees have a greater knowledge and understanding of their employment rights the perceived threat of employment tribunals combined with the time consuming responsibilities of ‘getting it right’ understandably makes people think twice.

At KeystoneHR, we understand these concerns and, if expanding your team is the key to growing your business, we want to reassure you that employing people doesn’t have to be daunting, if done right.

Join Jo Kangurs and Caroline Carter for an enlightening session where they will share their five top tips on how to take that leap from sole trader to employer. The session is also relevant to those who are looking to expand their teams or who have recently taken on employees and want to learn a bit more.

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