HBN Breakfast: Personal Impact with Simon Tyler / Event expired

Friday 4th December

Admission: free
8am to 9am
Please RSVP

Personal Impact will be the focus of this HBN Breakfast hosted by Simon Tyler, an inspirational speaker, facilitator and coach and author of The Simple Way and The Impact Code.

Simon is a Simplicity Guru and renowned for his ability to cut through endless complication and frustration and enable leaders, executives, CEOs and managers to enhance their impact and access more of their potential.

The best leaders and managers create change. They are able to create a vision, communicate an idea and in particular, encourage action from others. What is it about these leaders and managers which makes others want to follow, engage and to act?

Having impact expresses the collective impression left by our visual appearance, our presence, the way we connect with others and the lasting effect we have on people when we have left the room.

Simon’s talk will focus on powerful ways to raise your impact level in business. As one of the most experienced coaches in the world, Simon has over 4,000 hours of one- to-one coaching experience with over 700 leaders and executives. Simon is known for his clear, supportive and challenging communication. Simon is a pioneer in the field of personal growth, specifically in the power of attitude.

Simon’s philosophy begins with the idea that in order to move forward you must create a space, clear away what is confusing, and then take action to clarify and simplify your interactions with the world. High-calibre corporate clients have worked with Simon to enhance their professional practice in a way that transforms their approach to business and shows measurable change in their personal as well as commercial lives