HBN Breakfast: Raising Finance for Your Business / Event expired

Friday 6th November

Admission: free
8am to 9am
Please RSVP

Roger Wilkins is Founder and Director at Cool Ventures.

After more than 30 years in business as a Senior Manager and Director and having started several businesses of his own (including starting Cool Ventures with Sue Marchant), Roger works with the owners of small businesses to help develop and implement growth strategies.

Whilst growing a business can be achieved through organic means and through re-investing profits, sometimes external finance is needed to provide that extra boost to the business.

At this HBN Breakfast session, Roger will be looking at the various types of funding that businesses might consider, when and where each might be appropriate and how to make sure your business is prepared.

The session will cover assessing how much you need, what sources of finance are available, how to decide which is the right kind of finance, and what to do to stand the best chance of succeeding in your application.

Book your seat to soak up some knowledge and enjoy a delicious breakfast by Sam’s Kitchen.

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