Rooster Talks Sales Skills with Simon Hares at Glove Factory Studios


Friday 7th October
8am to 9am

Admission is FREE

If we all had the same jobs, the same amount of time and the same schedule, then managing time would be a doddle! We don’t though and getting the most out of a day, a week or even an hour can seem like an impossible task.

This short session, will take a look at the average day and address how to manage the different types of task in order of priority without any form of emotion so that what needs to get done, gets down in the right way at the right time. The session will look at how to deal with interruptions and how to get the best from your email too. Be warned the suggestions made might mean you have to actually do something radical about the way you manage your time, but hey if we all get home a bit earlier or even down to the pub a bit quicker then it will all be worth it.

Simon is an experienced Training Consultant and Coach with over twenty years experience.