Jooka at Glove Factory Studios

Jooka and the Castle

A video produced by Glove Factory Studio members Jooka has featured on The Sun, The Daily Mail, The Mirror, Yahoo, MSN and other tabloid sites worldwide this week.

The video, which Jooka produced for, showcases the company’s 3 million pound new workspace which has been built into a castle in Cirencester.

Jooka director Matt Paish said, “The so-called ‘money castle’ really does speak for itself – it’s an amazing work space and it was really fun exploring it with our cameras. It wasn’t really a surprise that the story went viral online – it’s quite a unique place. Our favourite part was the Star Wars cinema”

The popular video was one of several that Jooka produced as part of a collaborative video project with and Bath-based company interaction, who delivered the design and build of the castle.

Check out the video here.

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