Rooster Talks: Conquering Prehistoric Thinking with Lucy Fleming

Friday 6th October

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Join us in the Club Room on Friday 6th October at 9am to find out how Lucy Fleming, Managing Director and owner of PM Mendes International, overcame major challenges and realigned some pretty outdated, dinosaur thinking in order to make her business a success.

Lucy truly is the woman who conquered Jurassic Park!

Lucy will share her personal journey of how she overcame outdated notions and attitudes about women in business to become the owner of a successful business that operates in a very male dominated construction industry.

Lucy brings a wonderfully fresh approach to the world of serious business and will share her secrets on how she got to where she is today in a way that may help to boost your confidence as a business owner. Lucy will share tips and techniques for dealing with difficult conversations, overcoming adversity, and taking risks that can pay big dividends.

You will come away with an understanding of what a great team culture looks like and how the support of your team can really help you to shine.

Business owners will appreciate and be inspired by Lucy’s experience, and will realise that you are never alone and that your experiences may be more similar than you ever imagined. The kind of affirmations that keep us all going and ensure that we stay on the right track.

As a natural leader, and an example to all, Lucy will help you to feel that anything is possible with the right mindset, the right tools and the right people around you.

Simon Hares from Serial Trainer 7 will say a few words to introduce Lucy Fleming.

Wild Herb at The Field Kitchen will prepare platters of breakfast bites courtesy of Glove Factory Studios.

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