Rooster Talks: Why growing a business takes a lot of unlearning – with Veronica Hannon

Friday 6th May
9am to 10am

Admission is Free
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Most of us start a business because we’re (bloody) good at what we do. We build a client base. We work with great people. And we have a lot of fun along the way. And then – for some of us – there starts to be an entrepreneurial itch. With a question like ‘What if I could build a bigger business?’ And with that comes both learning and a lot of unlearning.

Veronica Hannon, founder of Transform Communications Ltd, is recognised as one of Wiltshire’s 22 most influential women. In this inspiring session, Veronica talks us through her journey, which is far from over. She shares her learnings and highlights what she wished she’d known. This is not a story of achievements and success. It’s a journey of discovery and struggle. And how, often, the thing that stands in your way is usually yourself.

For a decade she worked out of a badly converted garage at the bottom of her garden. During COVID her business nearly collapsed. Today, she has a superb team of 12 and a great business partner. Not content with just one business, they have launched another two businesses in the last two years and doubled turnover in 12 months.

Transform Communications Ltd has been awarded Best Small PR Consultancy in the South of England by the CIPR PRide Awards in 2021 and finalists in the 2022 CIPR Excellence Awards.

Join us in the Club Room at Glove Factory Studios. Free admission with coffee and pastries on the house from Wild Herb at The Field Kitchen.