Rooster Talk with Peter Quintana at Glove Factory Studios

Rooster Talks: Putting purpose at the heart of strategy with Peter Quintana / Event expired

Friday 7th April
8am to 9am

Admission is FREE
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Very few organisations know why they do what they do. Why is not about making money. That is a result. Why is the very reason the organisation exists. Why is its purpose. Richard Branson, co-founder of the B Team, describes their vision of the future as a world in which the purpose of business is to become a driving force for social, environmental and economic benefit. Frederic Laloux in his book Reinventing Organisation, views the next stage in the evolution of human consciousness, when applied to organisations, as an independent force with its own purpose, and not merely as a vehicle for achieving management’s objectives.

Putting purpose at the heart of strategy is a key element in the work Peter Quintana, of High Growth Knowledge Company, does with his clients. Purpose embedded in the DNA of a business sustains higher growth because it gives direction through rapid change and generates the momentum to drive through the growing pains and challenges experienced by high growth businesses.