Rooster Talks Sales Skills with Simon Hares at Glove Factory Studios

Workshop: Twitter 101 with Simon Hares / Event expired

Friday 9th September
9.30am to 11.00am

£38.12 per person
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Simon Hares is back and this time he will be hosting a course where you can learn more about his top Twitter tips. Join Simon in The Engine Room to find out more about Twitter and how to use it. Don’t worry if you have trepidations or feel nervous about getting to grips with Twitter, this highly practical and interactive course is designed to demystify Twitter and will leave you more informed and confident about making the most of this agile piece of Social Media.

What You will Learn:

• Twit Twot Tweet | A glossary of the terminology of Twitter in plain English with a look at the key functionality

• Hashtags, BashTags, Avatar effect & @Symbols

• Understanding the point of Twitter and its benefits to individuals and business users

• Building Your Nest | Getting started the right way

• Feathering Your Nest | The best types of content and tweets to put out there and the best times to use Twitter

• Building Your Flock of Follows | How to find attract followers and build a substantial and relevant audience to tweet to

• Don’t Shoot Me! | The things you should avoid and be wary of on Twitter, (it’s not much but you should know)

• Talk to the Animals | How Twitter talks to other Social Media

• Fly Away Peter, Fly Away Paul | Actually doing it in real time