Work In Mind

Work In Mind: Join the Conversation

Glove Factory resident, Joanna Watchman, MD at Content Coms has announced an exciting new project, Work In Mind.

Work In Mind will be the first content platform to give a voice to thinkers, businesses, journalists, regulatory bodies and movers and shakers in the field of healthy buildings.

It will publish powerful content that catalyses debate and encourages a more unified approach to creating healthier, happier, more productive buildings and workspaces.

Founder Jo Watchman explains, “Our mission is to connect people with buildings. We believe that the environment in which you work, exist and learn should be a space in which you can reach your full potential.”

The site will launch fully in late 2018. In the meantime, Work In Mind’s editorial team has put out a call for original content, thinking, blogs and contributions.

If you have an interest or expertise in this area and would like to contribute, they’d love to hear from you. Please drop them a line