Find Your Next Steps to a Sustainable Future – with Carra Santos

Friday 4th March
9am to 10am

Admission is Free
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Move beyond what sustainability *isn’t* to unleash your creative potential for positive impact.

The word ‘sustainability’ has been hijacked. These days, it’s often used in terms of reducing our impact: zero carbon, reduced emissions, minimising our carbon footprint, and so on. But what if we thought of it as increasing our impact – but in a good way?

Sustainability isn’t just about being ‘green’ – it unites the economy, society and the environment in a powerful shared vision of a thriving living world. So we must first clarify what it isn’t, then move on to what it is, to stop seeing sustainability as reductions and limitations alone, and start seeing our unique potential to shape a vibrant future.

In March’s Rooster Talk, Carra Santos, Sustainable Futures strategist, Design Council Expert and B Leader, will open up the entire spectrum of sustainability to highlight all sorts of unexpected routes to #netzero that are within the creative and design industries’ unparalleled reach.

She’ll discuss how to find a starting point that inspires you, and help you connect your sustainability dots based on your authentic strengths and motivations.

You’ll also have the chance to discuss your barriers to moving forward, from navigating tricky news topics or terminologies, to getting to grips with the B Corporation’s ‘B Impact Assessment’.

You’ll leave the session with clarity and practical insights that fuel your imaginations and inspire your next steps to collective change.

Join us in the Club Room at Glove Factory Studios on Friday 4th March. Free admission plus coffee and pastries on the house from Wild Herb at The Field Kitchen.