Glove Dippers’ Talks: Helen Webster on How to Stay Safe in Cold Waters as Temperatures Drop

Tuesday 20th December

Free admission
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From chilly dippers to aspiring Ice Milers, it’s important to know how to stay safe as the temperatures drop and the water gets colder.

In this session, open-water swim coach Helen Webster explains how to enter and exit cold water safely. She’ll talk through the kit you can wear to help protect you from the cold, as well as top tips and tricks for getting warm again afterwards.

Find out what happens to your body in cooler water and what the health benefits are. Plus, the session will cover how to manage the cold-water shock response and the ‘after-drop’. You’ll also explore how acclimatisation and individual experience and physiology affect how long you can stay in the water.

You’ll leave full of knowledge and the confidence you need to enjoy a winter of chillier dipping. Plus, we’ll allow plenty of time for your questions!

Helen Webster is an STA Level 2 open-water swimming coach and RLSS open-water lifeguard and specialises in helping people build confidence and find enjoyment in outdoor swimming. She is also editor of 220 Triathlon Magazine and in that role has interviewed many of the UK’s leading scientists researching cold water swimming.