Studio Holder Social: What Now? for businesses & the vote to Leave, with Rob Perks from Inspire / Event expired

Thursday 7th July

Admission is FREE

Following the vote to Leave the EU we’re all left wondering how things are likely to unfold? Whilst the political and economic implications remain uncertain we will all be thinking about the potential impact on our businesses.

We invite you to join us in The Field Kitchen this Thursday 7th July at 5pm for open and supportive discussion on what the Brexit vote might mean for your business and what can be done to mitigate risks and make the most of opportunities.

We’ve invited Rob Perks, Chief Exec of Inspire to join us for this conversation. Fresh from hosting the Inspire breakfast last Friday with Kevin Butler, Ex Head of Audit and Regional Director at the Bank of England and now Economic Adviser to Milsted Langdon, he’ll be able to provide valuable insight gained from being touch with hundreds of businesses throughout Wiltshire, and although ‘it’s too soon to tell’ what the full impact of the referendum result will be for any of us, the more information we can gather, the better able we will be to come up with a plan for the future – whatever it might hold.