Vespertine talks: with Sean Henry

Wednesday 21st June

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Internationally acclaimed figurative sculptor Sean Henry, joins us in The Club Room to share his thoughts and approach to his phenomenal sculptures.

Sean Henry has worked with organisations and individuals to create transformative experiences that bring art into the public realm and we are delighted to welcome ‘Seated Figure’ as a temporary feature this summer at Glove Factory Studios.

Sean Henry’s ‘Seated Figure’ is a three-metre-tall painted bronze sculpture of an anonymous man sitting on a traditional three-legged travelling stool.

Henry says, “Sitting on a fold-out stool he is alert and appears to be on the edge of action, although it is deliberately unclear what he will do next. Like all sculpture, the work is a form of non-verbal communication, and I hope people come and see what he has to say.”

From a distance, visitors could mistake the contemplative man at the waters edge, for a real person before getting closer and realising he is much larger than life. Henry’s figures often seem distracted or thoughtful, inviting the viewer to reflect on and imagine the subjects’ inner thoughts and histories.

The work’s new resting place is a quiet area on the far side of the fields at Glove Factory Studios, overlooking the lakes, in line with the artist’s wish for visitors to “go and find him”.

“At the heart of all of these projects are the people who live, work or visit these sites and respond; who discover within the figures something about themselves.” Sean Henry.

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